People won’t trust ‘Bharatiya ‘Jhooti’ Party: KC Tyagi

New Delhi, Aug 9 : Janata Dal (United) leader K.C. Tyagi on Sunday dubbed BJP to be ‘Bharatiya ‘Jhooti’ Party’ and said that the people would no more trust Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he has not fulfilled the promises made to the nation.

Asserting that the Prime Minister lured the people with fake promises, Tyagi said his words do not hold value anymore as he failed in his mission.

“During the run up to the Lok Sabha polls, he promised to bring back the black money and put 15 lakh rupees into the account of every Indian. Since he has failed to deliver all his promises, no one is ever going to believe what he says anymore,” Tyagi told ANI here.

Earlier today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi dubbed the upcoming assembly elections in Bihar as an event to free the state from ‘jungle-raj’ and an arrogant government.

“I can see that the people of Bihar have decided upon two things. First is the development of Bihar and second is change,” Prime Minister Modi said at his mega ‘parivartan’ rally in Gaya. (ANI)