‘People who celebrated Gandhi’s assassination are in power presently’: Swara Bhasker

NEW DELHI: Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar launched an indirect attack on Modi-led government by saying that those who celebrated the death of Mahatma Gandhi are in power presently, and questioned whether they, too, should be jailed for the same.

In a video shared by news agency ANI, the Bollywood actress said, “Is desh mein Mahatma Gandhi jaise mahaan insaan ki hatya hui, us waqt bhi kuch aise log the jo celebrate kar rahe the unki hatya ko, aaj wo satta mein hain, un sabko daal dena chahiye jail mein?, nahin na. Obvioulsy nahi.” (When the great Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated in India, there were people who celebrated it. Today, they are in power. Should they be sent to jail? No, obviously not).

Addressing the press at an event organised by the Indian Women’s Press Corps on Saturday, Swara stated that people can be punished for their deeds, and not for their thoughts.

Responding to a question on the arrests, the actress without naming the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), had said, “Indian jails are only for writers, human rights activists and academics.. And doctors who saved the lives of children… #NewIndia (sic).”

On the ‘#MeTooUrbanNaxal’ uprising on Twitter, Swara added “We can joke about it. As long as a person was using the term for personal reasons, it was different. But the moment I saw this term in police reports, I knew it wasn’t a joke anymore.”