People want Metro Rail in Old City of Hyderabad, leaders don’t

Hyderabad: Officials believe that Metro Rail will never start in Old City. The people of the area want it but no political leader is interested in it.

Municipal Officials say that only water, electricity and drainage issues are highlighted in this part of the city whereas, in the new areas which were brought under GHMC jurisdiction, representations are made for repair of roads and traffic issues.

When asked, officials told that Metro Rail is a dream of the people of the city. It cannot be fulfilled unless the leaders of the area concentrate on this issue since hurdles are being created in the implementation of the project. They also say that so long as effective representations are not made at State level, there is no possibility of Metro Rail to start.

Due to the delay in making the decision to start the project, its cost might increase. An official of L&T said this.

–Siasat News