People want to encash on failure: Kangana Ranaut

New Delhi: After facing a setback with the failure of “Rangoon”, actress Kangana Ranaut says people have a tendency to encash on someone else’s failure, and now think that she will lower her price after the box office debacle.

“I think people want to encash on failure and think now Kangana will give a discount. They come to me and say, but your first day wasn’t good…my point is that I don’t promise you a first day in my contract. It’s the value for my job as an artiste. I give you a year and a half, my working hours, my depiction of a character,” Kangana said.

The actress talked about “Rangoon” with Rajeev Masand on show “March on Women”, which will air on CNN-News18 on Wednesday, read a statement.

National Award-winning filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj’s period drama is set in the 1940s amidst the turmoil of India’s independence struggle, and includes some historic references. The film failed to elicit the response the team was hoping to get.

The actress said that she has made a conscious decision “that you will never be good enough for the world”.

She said: “Even today after winning three National Awards if people feel I’m not good enough, I’m not going to succumb to the mind set. And I do feel that when you’ve suffered a setback, your dignity as a worker and your pride as a woman is really vulnerable to attacks.”

The actress says she is very ambitious.

“I’m very possessive of my credits, whether they’re financial or whether they are artistic…but I’m very greedy for that. And I feel somewhere women are taken for a ride. My ultimate dream is to be autonomous in every sense and to be this self-sufficient entity who operates on her own,” said the “Queen” star.

On International Women’s Day on Wednesday, the actress, who is also a Reebok ambassador, urged every mother to make her daughter ‘FitToFight’ through a film titled “Mom”. The message is for women to become tougher, to choose the tougher path, to pick the tougher option.