People in Surat village walk on ember to get rid of misery

Surat (Gujarat): Following a traditional custom, a group of people in a town in Gujarat’s Surat district on Wednesday night walked barefoot on ember of a bonfire after ‘Holika Dahen’ to rid themselves from misery.

According to people in Olpad town, the custom of walking on ember is a hundreds of year old practice and is carried out on the eve of Holi every year.

People believe that by walking on ember their problems will be solved and their desires fulfilled.

Heena Patel, who lives in the UK and came to witness the event, said, “I used to come here since I was 10 years old. Nobody gets hurt when people walk on ember. Only those get hurt who have done some wrong.”

Jeenal Waghel, a local resident, said, “People walk ember without fear and they do not even get hurt. My husband also walked on it last year.”