People Losing Faith in KCR–Raghavulu

CPI-M Polit Bureau member  B V Raghavulu  has said here  that people of Telangana are loosing faith in the Chief Minister k Chandrasekhar Rao, as he had failed to  fulfil many of the assurances given earlier.


Speaking to an electronic channel today, Raghavulu said  that people of the State had high hopes that formation of separate State would help in development of the region, as the leaders of other regions have neglected it.  But, now the people were feeling that the ruling party has forgotten the promises made,  and the leaders were  working for their  selfish interests only.

      He  said that lands are available abundantly in the State, and there was scope for distribution of six acres of land to each of the poor; but the Government has not taken note of it.  He said that KCR has administrative experience, but he is acting in arrogant way.   If he failed to respect the people, there is possibility of KCR becoming unpopular  in a short span of time.

    Raghavulu said there was need for united movements  to find solutions to peoples’ problems.  (NSS)      :