People can remind king of Raj-dharma, says RSS leader

People can remind king of Raj-dharma, says RSS leader

Mumbai: RSS general secretary Bhaiyyaji Joshi today lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s approach to power, but said people wield “Dharma-dand” and can remind the ruler of his “Raj-dharma”.

“If the king is mandated to follow the Raj-dharma, then praja (subjects) is also equally mandated to support king’s efforts. If praja continues to be weak and reluctant to support its cause, then the king is more prone to becoming uncontrollable,” he said, speaking at a function here.

“Fortunately, we have got a ‘Sewak’ in the name of a ruler who bows down on the steps of Parliament before entering for the first time,” Joshi said, without naming Modi who has spoken about he being ‘Pradhan Sevak’ and not the PM.

“But…We should not forget that praja has Dharma-dand in its hand, which ultimately reminds the king of Raj-dharma,” said Joshi, addressing a gathering at Sanyas Ashram institute in suburban Vile Parle.

“The king can promulgate policies and welfare schemes, but the countrymen must support them to attain full results. Until the king and the citizens work hand in hand, neither the king nor the citizens would live peacefully,” he said.

The RSS leader also hailed Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar’s statement that India would select the time and place of war if it comes to it.

“When Defence Minister makes such a remark, it gives ample confidence to the common people that entire scene has changed and we are in good hands now,” he said.

Sanyas Ashram, a religious-educational organisation, is celebrating its 70th anniversary. Speaking on the occasion, Swami Vishveshwaranand, its president, lauded Modi government’s efforts to restore a “sense of Indian-ness” by promoting ethical and spiritual values among countrymen.