People of Balochistan await international community’s support: Baloch leader Dilshad

Vadodara: Baloch leader Mazdak Dilshad who was in Gujarat’s Vadodara on Sunday, asserted that Baloch people are awaiting the support of the international community in connection to their human rights’ violation and mass genocide by the Pakistani Army.

Thanking Prime Minister Narendra Modi for initiating talks about the cause, the Baloch leader called on the public across India, the Indian Government, political parties, NGOs and other organisations to come and support the community deprived of their basic rights.

Speaking to ANI after attending a conference of the Baloch community held at the Baroda Hall, Dilshad said, “the atrocities that is being faced by the people of Balochistan have also been faced by people of India, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, adding that emotions of Indians had brought him here with lot of expectation but the people gave us a huge support than we had expected.”

He said every Indian has supported there cause and wanted them to reach their destination.

Dilshad said he would definitely meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi if he gets an opportunity.

He also thanked External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj for raising the Baloch issue at the United Nations.

Dilshad had alleged that Pakistan was responsible for the atrocities on the people of Balochistan.

The Baloch leader asked Pakistan authorities to remove all there armed forces from the region and hand over the property of Baloch people back to them

The Baloch Community had organised a conference in order to gather support to continue their fight against the violation of Human Rights in Balochistan.

The Baloch community from across the Gujarat took part in this conference with great zeal. (ANI)