People are disgusted seeing open ‘Urinals’ in this famous city

Guess open urinating is not just a huge issue in India but in Paris as well. The River Seine in Paris is historic and a popular spot for tourist too but this has now become the talk of the town after open urinals have been installed by the bank of the river.

How did the locals react to this new development? Well they are furious at the government for doing so and killing the beautiful experience of the banks where now men can be seen urinating in open.

Recently bright-red and fully exposed eco-friendly urinals designed to be odourless are placed across the Paris city to ensure clean streets and reduce the problem of public peeing.

Bu this open view of men peeing in public seems disgusting to the locals who are now planning to submit a petition demanding removal of those in public places where one of the urinals is placed near the Notre Dmae Cathedral which overlooks the passing tourist boats.

Locals in the area believe this is immodest and looks disgusting in such an historic spot as it is beside the most beautiful townhouse in the city, Hotel de Lauzun.

People also took to Twitter to criticize the government’s plan which made the whole plan look immodest and disgusting with not enough or proper planning of keeping women’s inconvenience in mind.

But the local mayor, Ariel Weil, insists the urinals are needed for a cleaner and hygienic environment.