Pension & Health cards to Urdu writers & poets

Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali has announced pension and Health Cards to Urdu poets and writers of Telangana. The 19th All India Urdu Kitab Mela was inaugurated on Saturday evening at Quli Qutub Shah Stadium. The Book Fair is being organised by National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language in collaboration with Telangana Urdu Academy.

Deputy Chief Minister has directed Urdu Academy to prepare a list of poets and writers so that health cards could be issued to them. He claimed that Telangana government is sincere in promotion and development of Urdu language and a comprehensive plan would be prepared for this. It is the duty of the government to patronise Urdu poets and writers hence health cards would be issued to them to undergo treatment and monthly pension would be released to them to meet necessary expenses during their old age.

He said the budget of Telangana Urdu Academy is quite low and he is not satisfied with that. Deputy Chief Minister also announced to hold a World Urdu Conference shortly.

The book fare will be open till December 20. Various cultural programmes will be held daily till December 19. On the occasion deputy Chief Minister released English Urdu Dictionary edited by Najmus Saher.

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