Pehlu Khan’s sons concocted attack story: Alwar police

JAIPUR: The investigation conducted by the Alwar police claimed the attack on lynching case witnesses and Pehlu Khan’s sons was concocted by the family with the motive to shift the case out of the Behror court.

According to The Indian Express reported on Wednesday, the Alwar police rejecting the claims of the attack said CCTV footage along the spot of the alleged firing not showing up the evidence of black SUV near their vehicle.

“We have a lot of evidence to deny the claims,” Singh said. “The CCTV footage along the spot [of the alleged firing] shows that there was no black Scorpio before or after the vehicle. We have filed a final report in the case.” said Alwar Deputy Superintendent of Police Kushal Singh.

“We found a well-placed CCTV along the spot but there was no black Scorpio passing by the location before or even half an hour after the witnesses’ vehicle passed the location,” he said.

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Irshad and Arif Khan, the key witnesses and sons of 55-year-old dairy farmer Pehlu Khan alleged that they were on their way to a court in Behror with their lawyer and Ajmat and Rafiq on Saturday afternoon.