Pehlu Khan’s family to knock on SC door; ‘we are living in the state of fear’: widow

Hyderabad: Clean chit to six accused named by Pehlu Khan has come as a shocker to Pehlu Khan’s family. Pehlu Khan’s family is contemplating moving the Supreme Court for a fresh probe into the murder.

It must be noted that the Rajasthan police has given clean chit to the six accused, named by Khan in his dying statement. Hence the family now wants to knock the door of Supreme Court in its quest for justice.

Hindustan Times has quoted Khan’s eldest son Irshad as saying, “People who are accused are threatening us regularly. We are living in a miserable situation. The local Police are not helping us.”

Two days after the accused were given clean chit, Pehlu Khan’s widow, Jebuna, along with her two children and two brothers-in-law arrived in Delhi. She said that her entire family is now living in constant fear. Irshad too echoed her fear saying “The police officers also tell us that the accused are powerful and they can do anything to us.”

It must be recalled that on April 1, 55-year-old, Haryana dairy farmer, Pehlu Khan was lynched by a mob in Alwar on the suspicion that he had bought cows for slaughter. He succumbed to injuries on April 3.

Meanwhile Lawyer-activist Tehseen Poonawala has announced that he wants to take up Pehlu Khan’s case in the Supreme Court next week. Condemning Rajasthan police’ act of giving clean chit to the accused, Tehseen’s brother, activist Shehzaad pointed out “This is perhaps the first time when a dying person’s statement was ignored, an eye-witnessed statement was ignored.” He further pointed out discrepancies in the bail order of one of the accused, Ravindra Singh saying “On one page it is written that the accused (Singh) was seen in the video as trying to save Khan. On the second page it is mentioned that he was not at the murder spot.”