Peeved with vandalised property, Central Railway seeks passengers’ cooperation

Mumbai: The Central Railway on Saturday expressed its dissent over vandalised train toilets saying that distorted properties discourage them to provide better amenities to the passengers.

In an official statement, titled ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum…Aaisa Karoge To Kya Karenge Hum’, it requested cooperation and active suggestions of the passengers while saying that it is striving hard to provide better travelling experience to the commuters.

“Central Railway continually strives to improve and upgrade onboard passenger experience by providing improved coach amenities through innovative initiatives like environment-friendly crib sheets, water conserving aerator taps, improved ventilation or better rakes. Similar efforts were made in providing upgraded toilets with tiled floor and walls, providing a standard seat and water cistern for improved flushing and addressing smell, in one non AC coach of Punjab Mail. It worked fine for the first two months except for some thefts of taps and mug. Our luck, however, finally, ran out last week, when the rake returned with the first toilet vandalised and after a few more days the second one too was also desecrated,” the statement read.

Reaching out to the passengers, the Central Railway further said that vandalising the property not only “denies use of the same by other fellow travellers but also questions the very basis of bringing in improvement”.

“Central Railway appeals to our passengers that enhanced passenger amenities are regularly provided & tried out on pilot basis for assessing its impact by way of the feedback system so that these can be implemented on larger scale, but vandalising the property not only denies use of the same by other fellow passengers but also is a setback for us and it discourages our teams which are committed to provide better amenities,” it stated.