‘Peacemakers’: Muslims gift loudspeaker to temple in Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal: While singer Sonu Nigam tweeted remarks against the use of loudspeakers for ‘Azaan’, Muslims on the other side, gifted a sound system to a temple after it was stolen a few days ago.

Saed Khan, local corporator and president of Harda district Wakf committee, said he passed by the Hanuman temple on the outskirts of Harda town, and there was no sound of devotional songs

“Five days ago, thieves broke into the temple and stole the loudspeaker. For the past few days, whenever I passed by the temple, there was no sound of devotional songs. I felt bad and asked the priest of the temple if anyone had brought a new one. When he said no, we bought a new amplifier and gifted it to my Hindu brothers,” he said.

“Even if some people have made controversial remarks about the use of loudspeakers in mosques and temples, I just want to say that in India, people have never objected to such things…” said Khan.

Stories of integration don’t end here. Muslims in Harda under the leadership of Khan gave a respectful burial to a dead cow this month, after its carcass remained unattended.

Contrary to it, Hindu right-wing activists allegedly assaulted a Muslim couple on a train at Harda on the suspicion of carrying beef last year.