Peaceful India-Pakistan border needed: Pakistani daily

Islamabad : Pakistan must welcome India’s decision to seal its entire border by 2018 and the need of the hour is a peaceful frontier, a Pakistani newspaper said on Sunday.

The Daily Times also urged the leadership of both countries to resolve all bilateral issues “in a civilised manner, paying heed to each other’s opinions to address grievances and seek solutions.

“Serious efforts must be made for re-establishment of amicable relations between Pakistan and India,” an editorial said.

The daily urged Pakistan to treat positively the Indian decision to seal its entire 3,323-km border with Pakistan.

“It will not only help obstruct the illegal smuggling of drugs and other items but also bring to an end constant Indian claims of cross-border movement,” it said.

Relations between India and Pakistan have seriously deteriorated since a terror attack on an army camp in Jammu and Kashmir killed 19 soldiers, and New Delhi retaliated with a surgical strike in Pakistani territory.

The editorial said there was also a need to ease tensions at the border through meetings between Pakistan Rangers and the Border Security Force of India.

“A peaceful border is the need of the hour, and to this end both countries should respect each other and hold a dialogue to resolve all issues.

“They should join hands for developing bilateral relations, and resolving all outstanding conflicts,” it added.

Pakistan and India should also formalise a strategy for a complete ceasefire on the Line of Control that divides Jammu and Kashmir between the two countries.

“Both the countries need to reaffirm their resolve that they will not resort to the use of force or threat of the use of force under any circumstances.”

It added: “So far, there are no indications that both states will be on good terms any time soon.”