Peace prevails in Hyderabad: music bands fall silent when Azaan begins

Hyderabad: The fear of trouble during Ganesh immersion processions is visibly gone. This was the reason that several juice centers, food joints, soft beverage shops and pan shops remained opened on the procession route in the Old City. Not only that they were open but have reported brisk business during the 10th day visarjan.

The Muslim owners of the eateries feel that things are so different now. People are busy with their day-to-day life and no one wants trouble. Mr. Mohd Yousuf, a cold drink shop owner in front of Makkah Masjid said, “Noticing the peaceful atmosphere, I opened my shops and have done good business.” Muqtar, a 55-year-old apple vendor too had a good business. Devotees bought his apples and he earned about Rs 400 to Rs 500 by the end of the day.

He recalled that this was not possible a few years ago but felt happy that the situation is changing rapidly and now there is no time for people to think about Hindu and Muslim. People now a days don’t have communal feelings, if they had ‘why would so many Hindus visit my cart and purchase apples?’ he pointed out. “People want peace,” he asserted.

According to a report published in DC, a dairy products store of a noted company at Shah Ali Banda crossroads which is closed on almost all communally sensitive occasions also remained open this time and was also doing brisk business. The devotees dropped in to have a glass of lassi, butter milk or flavoured milk at the store. A salesman at the shop observed, “There are no signs of ill feeling. In fact, when Azaan from the nearby mosque was being read over the loud speaker, the bands fell silent.

ACP Charminar, Mr. Mohd Tajuddin echoed the same views and said people today are least worried about communal tensions unlike a few years back.