PDP failed Kashmir alliance: BJP

Blaming the PDP for the present situation in Jammu & Kashmir, Telangana BJP spokesperson Krishnasagar Rao said the former failed the Kashmir Alliance due to its myopic vision, constituent appeasement, immature politics and unwarranted political posturing.

In an article, Krishnasagar Rao opined that the PDP missed a historic opportunity to bring J&K State to normalcy and provide the people of Kashmir much needed peace and succor. He said in the Assembly elections in 2014, the voters in J&K State have shown to the entire world that they are with India and its democratic process. They had exposed the propaganda of Pakistan and its clones in the valley as manufactured. He said the people braved the poll boycott calls and violent threats by terrorists, separatists and turned up at the polling booths in mid-winter chill to cast their votes.

He said the BJP took a historic initiative by extending a hand of friendship to PDP to respect the mandate of the people of J&K. The BJP not only risked damage to its well guarded reputation of being a nationalist party, but also the risk of drawing ire from Sangh parivar and millions of its followers since inception, who fought for total integration of Kashmir. It took many weeks and months for the party to communicate and convince the reasons for entering into unprecedented alliance with the PDP. All this was not for power sharing in the State, but to ensure that J&K stays in the safe hands of BJP for an entire six year Assembly term, which was specially provisioned by the Constitution of the State of Jammu & Kashmir, Krishnasagar Rao wrote in his article.

However, the PDP couldn’t sacrifice much in the last three years. It enjoyed power but did not take responsibility to better the situation in the border State. PDP’s interest seemed to remain simply political and its agenda was perennially separatist. The constant leaning of PDP leadership in governance to go soft against terror in the valley, their urge was to see the other way on chronic disruption of law and order in the State, their quest for unconditional ceasefire and its continuity despite spiked violence being sponsored from across the border by Pakistan are a few reasons amongst many for BJP to rethink the continuity of its governance partnership with the PDP.

The decisions taken by BJP president Amit Shah, one in 2014 and another in 2018 in reference to J&K were massive, and both had huge national implications. However, they were easy and natural choices to make for BJP, as its the party ideology ‘Nation First’ which drove both these decisions in the larger interest of the nation, he explained. “PDP failed the Kashmir alliance and has lost a historic opportunity to reform its own ideology and the State of Jammu and Kashmir”, he added. (NSS)