Paytm launches 100 member Merchant Helpdesk to educate merchants

New Delhi: Paytm has announced a 100 member merchant helpdesk to educate merchants across India. This initiative will be implemented with multi-channel outreach program involving mass media, on-ground initiative and strengthening the in-house merchant support team.

With over 1.5 million merchants accepting Paytm today, the company aims to work closely with the merchants by seeking feedback and helping them understand digital payments. Under this program merchants will be educated on all the important aspects, which are currently becoming a concern and dispelling a lot of myth around safety, security and delay in money transfer to the bank account.

The company will also use mass media to sensitize merchants on all these aspects. With Paytm being one of the most preferred payment solutions for the merchants, money transfer to the banks has become the most important requirement for the eco-system. Paytm processes the transaction instantly and in most cases money is reflected in user’s Bank accounts within few minutes. Under this program, the helpdesk will educate its users that the delay in transfer in few cases is accounted due to the banking systems which are going through stress due to load spikes or may not respond due to downtime or network fluctuation at the their end. In such cases, banks could take up to seven working days to credit the amount in the bank account.

“It is our utmost priority to educate our partners who accept payments using Paytm. We receive several queries regarding delays in send to bank, which are mostly caused by banking system congestion. Furthermore, there are certain misconceptions being spread in the market about safety features and transfer to bank charges, which are currently zero percent. In fact, these charges will remain zero percent with the launch of our Paytm Payments Bank and the problem of delays in reflecting these transfers caused due to other networks’ latency will also be solved,” said Vice President Paytm, Sudhanshu Gupta.

“Our already existing partial masking of mobile numbers protects the identity of the recipient and prevents any fraud or harassment,” added Gupta. Paytm has recently introduced several new features like App Password that ensures money stored in the Paytm wallet remains safe even if the owner’s phone is lost or misplaced. The company has also launched a toll-free number 1800 1800 1234 that helps non-smartphone and non-internet users to pay or receive money using Paytm.