Pawan’s fans throng press club to counter critic Kathi Mahesh, Many arrested

Pawan’s fans throng press club to counter critic Kathi Mahesh, Many arrested

Tense situation prevailed at the Hyderabad Press Club this morning when a large number of “power star” Pawan Kalyan’s fans thronged the place to accost Kathi Mahesh, who was addressing the media against the actor.

It may be mentioned here that on Saturday Kathi Mahesh had dared actor Pawan Kalyan to come to the Press Club for an open debate on their cold war. With this, scores of Pawan Kalyan’s fans waited outside the Press Club after Kathi Mahesh arrived at the venue and police had a tough time in controlling the commotion.
As a prelude to his press conference, Kathi Mahesh listed the pungent comments made against him by Pawan Kalyan’s fans in the social media. He alleged that the actor’s fans were attacking him in the social media, websites writing atrocious comments against him and his family members. He also alleged that Pawan’s fans were mentally torturing him by putting photos of his family members in the social media.
Mahesh said he expected a solution to his problem from Pawan Kalyan, but the latter did not utter a word. Therefore, he had come to the Press Club to air his opinions and the government should take responsibility of his safety, Mahesh added.

“When Pawan Kalyan’s estranged wife Renu Desai wanted to remarry, his fans openly declared that they would chop the man, who marries her, into pieces. Why did he not warn his fans against making such attacks? I never spoke on his personal issues. I always raised the issues that are in public domain. But his fans were attacking me personally abusing my wife, my mother and everyone in my family”, he bemoaned.

Kathi Mahesh also questioned the legitimacy of his relationship with actress Poonam Kaur, who came in support of the actor and posed six questions to the actress about her relationship with her mentor.

On coming to know that Kathi Mahesh had arrived at the Press Club, Pawan’s fans in large numbers rushed to the spot and tried to gatecrash into the premises saying “Why do you want Pawan Kalyan to answer your questions …..we are enough to tackle you”. However, the police already stationed their as a precautionary measure, prevented them and took dozens of Pawan Kalyan’s fans into custody. Kathi was still sitting in the Press Club with heavy police protection outside.
Meanwhile, Kathi’s supporters also reached the venue in huge numbers and tension gripped the Press Club and police were trying hard to bring the situation under control. (NSS)