Pawan urges govt to provide relief to kidney patients

Aghast on hearing the plight of kidney patients on account of government’s apathy, Tollywood Actor and Janasena founder Pawan Kalyan on Tuesday demanded that the AP State government provide immediate relief to kidney patients and the children of those died of the disease in Uddanam village in Srikakulam district.

Pawan Kalyan arrived in Ichchapuram to meet hundreds of kidney patients affected by some mysterious reasons for about two decades. After interacting with the patients individually, Pawan said, “it’s a shame on the governments, which had just ignored such a serious calamity. They come here for votes during elections and just forget them once they win,” he remarked.

When the State government was ready to spend Rs 100 crore on Pushkaralu, it’s very painful that the same government was not willing to allot a few crore rupees for finding a remedy for this problem, he said. He demanded that the State government announce a relief package for the patients and the children of those who died of the disease within 48 hours. The children should be given financial aid for their education and patients should be provided with medical care”, he said.

The Janasena president constituted a five-member committee to study the reasons for the epidemic of large scale kidney disease in the area. “Once the report is prepared, I will personally go to the Chief Minister and find a permanent solution to the problem,” he assured. However, he clarified that he was not doing all this for political mileage. (NSS)