Pawan slams TDP for criticizing his party

Making it clear that he opposed TDP as he was not interested to continue as a slave of TDP, Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan said he believed the TDP thinking that they will fulfil the assurances made before the elections. Stating that having power in the hands of some people was not correct, Pawan said he will not deceive the people and he has no hope on power.

As part of his Porata Yatra, which was launched on Sunday, Pawan participated in the first public meeting held at Itchapuram. Addressing the people, Pawan said he will not keep quiet if anybody resorts to attacks against Jana Sena activists. The Opposition parties were habituated to criticize the Jana Sena, he pointed out and said floating political parties these days were very tough. He said he was learning politics and knowing the problems of the people. Jana Sena wishes the development, he said. “I will not say that I will clear your problems if make me Chief Minister”, he said.

The TDP was frequently criticizing Jana Sena saying that it has no institutional party construction, he said and alleged that the TDP was not floated by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu and it was floated by former Chief Minister NTR. Pawan made it clear that the institutional construction of Jana Sena will be in tune with his ideas and alleged that he has no firms like (Heritage) Chandrababu Naidu has and he had only strength of people. (nSS)