Pawan releases party fortnightly “Shathagni”

Jana Sena party chief Pawan Kalyan has released his party’s mouth piece ‘Shathagni’ magazine today. The fortnightly will publish the party’s ideals and aims. Pawan Kalyan released the magazine at party office here.

Speaking on the occasion, party general secretary Thota Chandrasekhar said the Jana Sena party was the only party which has ideals in the present day politics. “The TDP and YSRCP have no ideals, but Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan provided seven ideals to the party cadre. The party will go ahead aiming corruption-free society”, he said.
The party has directed the cadre to enrol 50 lakh members by December end. The party was conducting ‘Vaadavaada Jana Sena Jenda’ program this month. Pawan Kalyan wants to hoist the party flag in every district, mandal headquarters and every village and at booth level. Party political affairs committee convener Madasu Gangadharam was also present. (NSS)