Pawan For Quota To Kapus Without Affecting Others

Founder-president of Jana Sena Party and film actor Pawan Kalyan today stressed the need for according reservations for Kapus without affecting the interests of other Backward Classes.
Reacting to the violent incidents that unfolded in Tuni of East Godavari district in connection with the Kapu Garjana on Sunday, the Jana Sena chief at a media conference on Monday expressed his anguish and concern over the violent incidents that had taken place at Tuni and felt that it was the handiwork of anti-social elements. He felt that no ordinary person, fighting for his rights would indulge in such criminal acts. “Defimitely there was a hidden hand of anti-social elements:, he observed.
Pawan Kalyan, who is known as Power Star, not in so many words, held the State Government and the police responsible for such vandalism. Asserting that he was not trying to politicise the issue, he said the State and police administration should have anticipated the trouble and taken adequate steps to prevent such incidents to take place. “Taking into consideration the huge turnout of agitators, adequate steps should have been taken. Then such ugly incidents would not have taken place”, he added.
Pointing out that the issue of reservations was there since the British Raj, the actor-turned-politician pointed out that the reservation issue could be solved in a day. It was unfortunate that commissions were appointed to resolve the issue in the past too but unfortunately there was no follow-up action. Efforts should be made to resolve the issue through discussions and dialogue with concerned leaders, he felt and added that to achieve any goal a proper action and methodology in a conducive atmosphere should be taken.
Asserting that he was not taking up the cause of any particular caste or community nor was trying to gain any political mileage, Pawan Kalyan, while wanting that reservations should be accorded to the Kapus as these people are classified as BCs in Telangana and north costal Andhra, they are treated as OCs in Rayalaseema and Costal Andhra. At the same time, he appealed to all those, who are spearheading the agitation on behalf of the Kapus to maintain restraint and not indulge in provocative actions. He also called upon all the political parties to help resolve the issue in an amicable manner by discussions and dialogues.
Replying to a volley of questions, Pawan Kalyan reiterated that he was not trying to derive any political mileage or corner the State government in power. He was only reacting to the unfortunate incident which could have been averted if required precautionary steps were taken.
In reply to a questioner, Pawan Kalyan expressed his anguish and concern over the death of HCU research scholar Rohith Vemula. Pointing out that caste discrimination was prevalent in all the universities, which was very unfortunate, he said but for such discrimination Rohith would not have been driven to take the extreme step to end his life in frustration and depression. His suicide should not be politicised on the basis of caste or community. One should realize that a young scholar has been driven to take his own life due to caste discrimination, he observed. (NSS)