Pawan blames AP govt for neglect of Thotapally reservoir

Stating that water, funds and appointments were needed for development of any region, Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan said the Telangana region got separated for water, funds and appointments.

Addressing a meeting at Palakonda in Srikakulam district here on Monday, Pawan Kalyan lamented that Kalingandhra and Uttarandhra remained backward for the last several years. He said he learnt basics in acting in Uttarandhra and bemoaned that Thotapally reservoir farmers were in tears when he spoke to them recently.

Pawan alleged that the State government spent Rs.2,000 crore for Pushkaralu neglecting Thotapally reservoir by allocating mere Rs 265 crore. He alleged that the State government gave Rs 500 crore for the workers of Heritage for fiber-net but the same government failed to care the Thotapally reservoir issue. (NSS)