PAUS group in Colorado proposed ban on Sale of Mobile Media Devices to Children under 13

Colorado: As young children are exposed to the use of mobile media devices. The US state of Colorado has sought a ban on the sale of smartphones to the children younger than 13 years in order to prevent them from getting addicted to the device.

The founder of Parents Against Underage Smartphones (PAUS) group Tim Fasrnum father of five proposed a ban on the sale of smartphones to children younger than 13, or more likely, to parents who intend to give the smartphone to kids in that age bracket.

The proposal sates that the retailers had to submit reports to the state government verifying that they had inquired about who each sold smartphone was intended to be used by. If the retailers sell a phone for use to a pre-teen they would get a warning for the first offence, but may face fines from USD 500 to USD 20,000 for continued violations.

He said. “Eventually kids are going to get phones and join the world, and I think we all know that, but little children, there’s just no good that comes from that.”

PAUS got the go-ahead on its proposed ballot language last month from the Secretary of State and now can start work on gathering the nearly 300,000 signatures required to get on the ballot in November 2018.

Young children in an urban, low-income, minority community had almost universal exposure to mobile devices, and most had their own device by age 4.