Paucity of central budget: Soldiers may be forced to buy uniforms on their own

New Delhi: As Indian Army has decided to drastically cut down its supplies from state-owned ordnance factories, soldiers will have to spend their own money to buy uniforms and other clothes from civilian markets. According to sources, the move is being taken to ensure that the money spent is instead used to procure an adequate stock of critical ammunition and spares for a short intense war.

Centre has not provided additional funds for emergency procurements of ammunition and spares as a result ordnance factories’ products supplied to Army will be brought down from 94% to 50%. The move has hit supplies such as clothing (combat dress, berets, belts, shoes) to soldiers.

Presently 94 percent of products of ordnance factories are supplied to the Army now it has been decided to bring this down to 50%. According to an official, instead of Rs 11,000 crore given to the ordnance factories Rs, 8,000 crores will be given. Thus saving about Rs 3,500 crore every year.