Patna: Minor Muslim boy killed, thrown in Ganga river for rs 250

Patna: In a shocking incident, an 11-year-old Minor Muslim boy was murdered and thrown in the waters of Ganga for just Rs 250 and a silver coin.

The minor identified as Mohammed Alam, a resident of Nayagaon village was reportedly killed by a 22-year-old Chandan, a resident of Lohanipur.

Alan had gone missing since December 9 his mother said after informing the police that e was last seen with Chandan, HT reports.

The family requested the Police to take Chandan into custody and interrogate him about their missing son.

It was during the interrogation, Chandan revealed he had killed Alam and threw his body in the river Ganga at Gandhi Ghat for a silver coin and Rs 250.

Town deputy superintendent of police (DSP) Suresh Prasad said: “He confessed to his involvement in the murder case. He told the police that Alam was strangulated to death and then his body was thrown into the river Ganga. His legs and hands were also tied by the accused.”

The DSP added that Chandan used to take out silver coins thrown in river Ganga by the people on the occasion of Chhath.

“A few days ago, a coin and Rs 250 were stolen from Chandan. He suspected that Alam had stolen them,” and lured him to accompany him to the river Ganga.

“Chandan demanded his stolen silver coin and Rs 250 but Alam said he did not steal his belongings. When he did not get the silver coin and the money, he tied Alam’s legs and hands and strangulated him to death. Later, he threw the body into the river,” the DSP said.

The officer further added that Alam’s body was recovered after the accused gave his statement.

“Earlier, his father Mohammad Salim had lodged a missing case with Pirbahore police station on December 9,” he added.