Patna: Court directs Bihar State Shia Waqf Board to take possession of the properties worth over 2500 crores from land mafia

Patna: Giving a big boost to Bihar State Shia Waqf Board, a civil court has directed the Board to take possession of properties worth over 2500 crores from the grab of land mafias on Tuesday.

The court has directed to return the properties to their legitimate owner Bihar State Shia Waqf Board.

While giving the judgment over a Title Suit which was pending in the court from three decades the Hon’ble Court has ruled in favor of the Waqf Board.

These properties are situated on Frazer Road a posh locality in the heart of Patna.

The Patna Central Mall, Patna One Mall, Vishal Mega Mart, Times of India Building Kaushalya Estate and Rizwan Castle etc are among some of the famous and large buildings which come under the ruling of the court.

‘No one can become the owner of a Waqf property ever, once a Waqf is always a Waqf, this law can never be overruled, but some people don’t understand this and try to occupy Waqf properties illegally. Unfortunately some top politicians and influential persons are also involved in grabbing Waqf land, but we will not allow anyone to occupy Waqf land or properties come whatever, told Irshad Ali the chairman of Bihar State Shia Waqf Board to Muslim Mirror.

‘There are more than 350 cases related to Waqf properties which are fighting legally in courts .We have won 41 cases so far, he added.

‘The trial was pending in the court for the last 33 years but it has been rectified after a long delay , the Board will take appropriate action to take possession of these assets at the earliest , NAPM’s state convener and lawyer of Shia Wakf Board Mohammad Kashif Yunus told to Muslim Mirror.

Irfan Fatmi Sahab, President of All India Tanzim Insaf said that the Waqf Board should take appropriate action to take these properties in its possession at the earliest. A mass movement will be launched in case of any delay in this matter’.

Interestingly Patna Central Mall is in the possession of Bahubali MLA Anant Singh who has declared to contest parliamentary election from Munger constituency against Lalan Singh of JD (U).

The other building which comes under the court ruling is Patna One Mall, which is in the possession of RJD legislator Abu Dujana.

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