Passenger tries to enter cockpit in AI flight, arrested

New Delhi: A passenger of an Air India flight flying from Milan to New Delhi was arrested after he forcefully tried to enter the cockpit of the aircraft.

The passenger, who was on board AI 138 from Milan to New Delhi was detained for unruly behaviour, after which the fight was forced to return to Milan.

Upon arriving at Milan, the passenger, Gurpreet Singh, was handed over to police at Milan airport. Post security clearance, the flight departed for New Delhi after a delay of nearly three hours.

“AI 138 Milan Delhi flight delayed by 2hrs 37 minutes as one unruly pax Mr. Gurpreet Singh tried to enter the cockpit after takeoff from Milan on schedule. The A/C landed back and pax was handed over to local police,” a statement from Air India read.

The captain of flight AI 138, which had about 250 people on board, decided to dump fuel (as it had been refueled for the eight-hour flight to Delhi) and be light enough to return to land in Milan almost an hour after taking off from there. (ANI)