Passage of key legislations is urgently needed to push business sentiments: FICCI

New Delhi, Aug. 12 : FICCI president Dr. Jyotsna Suri has said that achieving sustained higher growth of 8-10 percent is imperative for Indian economy so as to meet the objectives of inclusion, poverty alleviation and creation of employment opportunities.

She added that the pace of economic recovery has been slow with manufacturing sector yet to see a major turnaround.

Dr. Suri further said that passage of key legislations is urgently needed to push the business sentiments, encourage greater domestic investments and create over a million jobs each month.

“GST is one such reform, which once implemented can add over 1.5 percentage points to the GDP growth. We look forward to progressive dialogue and political consensus on key socio-economic issues in the Parliament to further the national growth agenda,” she added. (ANI)