Parvathy starrer film on JNU protests denied certification due to ‘anti-national’ content

Thiruvananthapuram: The regional board in Kerala for the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has denied certification for the Parvathy-starrer movie on the JNU agitation, “Varthamanam”. The film was written and produced by Congress leader Aryadan Shoukath. 

CBFC member and BJP SC Morcha state vice-president, Advocate V Sandeep Kumar had said in a tweet, which was later removed, that he was opposed to the certification because it contained an “anti-national” theme.  
He said in the tweet, “As a member of the Censor Board, I saw the movie Varthamanam. The theme was the persecution of Muslims and Dalits in the JNU agitation. I opposed it. Because Arydan Shoukath was its scriptwriter and producer. Of course, the theme of the film was anti-national.” 

Reacting to the decision and Kumar’s comments Aryadan Shoukath argued that the film was denied certification on political grounds. He said, “Nowadays, the Censor Board has several political appointees who have no basic knowledge of cinema.” 

The producer had also cited Kumar’s tweet in a Facebook post to further drive home his point. 

Additionally, Kerala State Chalachitra Academy chairman and a former filmmaker Kamal has also called for the dismissal of Kumar, saying that he violated the rules of the CBFC in bringing his personal feelings about a film into the reviewing process.  

Kamal told The Wire, “This is a big mistake. He (Kumar) should be dismissed from the censor board.”