Party meeting turns ugly, workers hurl chairs, assault senior leader

Amravati: Angry party workers at a meeting to review the performance of BSP party turned into an ugly brawl as workers attacked senior leader with chairs.

The incident occurred in Maharashtra’s Amravati where a senior Bahujan Samajwadi Party’s (BSP) state-in-chief Sandeep Tajne was attacked and assaulted by the agitated party workers, NDTV reports.

The incident which was caught on camera where Tajne can be seen surrounded by crowd pulling his shirt, hurling chairs at him.

He somehow escaped the brawl unharmed even when the chairs were hurled at him.

The meeting was called for reviewing party’s performance in the state where BSP performance this Lok sabha elections dropped to below one percent lower than it’s vote-share in 2014 polls.

The party workers were upset with this result and vented their anger on their leaders accusing them of not working for the party.

The Amravati seat, in which the party had fielded Arun Motiramji Wankhade, was lost to Adsul Anandrao Vithoba of the Shiv Sena, who tallied over 4.7 lakh votes to Mr Wankhade’s 12,232.

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