All parties’ silence in announcing nominees left hopefuls fuming

Hyderabad: The secrecy in announcing candidates for the GHMC elections till the last minute by all political parties has created tension among leaders of all political parties. In the process, the ruling TRS announced the entire list of candidates before the time ended for filing of nominations.
The TRS announced names of candidates in two lists on final day (Sunday) to enable them to file nominations. The Congress and TDP parties too followed TRS in maintaining utmost secrecy and announced the list in the last minute. With this, the candidates raced to file their nominations in the last minute. On the other hand, those who failed to get ticket, started murmuring against respective parties’ leaders.
In the ruling party, several leaders launched their protest by questioning the party leadership to tell as to how it will allocate tickets to those who never participated in the Telangana movement. They said they remained active with the party since its inception, but failed to get a ticket. Several leaders disappointed leaders invaded roads and lodged protest alleging that the party allotted tickets to the new-comers.
Some activists alleged that the party sold out tickets to those who were capable of purchasing them. Some of the disgruntled leaders filed nominations as rebels and they were in a feeling that they have to withdraw their nominations in case they fail to get party ticket.
In the Congress party, none other than former MLAs D Sudheer Reddy, Laxma Reddy and Srisailam Goud shot a letter to the party high command alleging that the State unit leaders allocated tickets to those who worked against the party earlier. They warned TPCC Chief N Uttam Kumar Reddy that they would not hesitate to resign from the primary membership of the party.
Similarly, in the Telangana TDP, several leaders expressed disgust over the State party chief giving tickets to those who have no cadre at all. Several leaders criticized the party leadership, which had assured that it would allot tickets to the youth, but did not keep their word. (NSS)