All-parties’ leaders threaten to storm Pragathi Bhavan if Metro Rail works not taken up

All-parties’ leaders today alleged that the successive governments were neglecting development of the Old City since 1947 till date. They threatened to intensify their movement in phases and lay a siege to Pragathi Bhavan if the present government failed to launch Metro Rail works in Old City.

The all-parties’ leaders — Chada Venkat Reddy (CPI), Baddam Bal Reddy (BJP), Cherupally Seetharamulu (CPM), Rashid Sharif (TRS) have organized Maha Padayatra from Meer Chowk to Shalibanda under the aegis of Old City Metro Rail JAC (OCMRJAC). OCMRJAC leaders — ET Narasimha (CPI), Aley Bhasker (BJP), G Niranjan (Congress) along with thousands of people started Maha Padayatra from Meer Chowk and it reached Ethey Bar Chowk. The police stopped the Maha Padayatra there and arrested them. Several activists received injuries in the jostling during the police arrest.

Speaking on the occasion, Chada questioned Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, who stated that he would transform the City into a World Class city, to tell whether he didn’t know the fact of setting up Metro Rail project in the Old City where Heritage Buildings, Historical Places exist. He said the Old City people were facing hardships due to bad roads every day. Thousands of tourists from foreign countries and from various States visit Charminar every day and the government has to develop the Old City and Old City needs Metro Rail project.

Baddam Bal Reddy alleged the Chief Minister was neglecting the Old City development succumbing to the pressure of MIM and the people were observing all these issues. He warned the government saying that the people would teach a fitting lesson to the government besides MIM.

Cherupally Seetharamulu said development in Old City remained stalled and urged the government to take up Metro Rail works in the Old City immediately. ET Narasimha alleged that the TRS government was violating the right of freedom of expression with police force. It was atrocious on the part of police, who gave permission and obstructed the Maha Padayatra. He asked the government to take up Metro Rail works immediately otherwise the Old City Metro Rail JAC would intensify their movement.

The police also arrested JAC leaders—Aley Jithender, Roop Raj, G Harinath Goud, Nerakanti Srikanth, Shamshuddin, Rajaratnam, Allam Bhasker, Pasham Surender, Venkatesh, Sajid Sharif, Chayadevi, Shakri Bhai, Amruthamma, Ameena and others. (NSS)