All Parties Demand PM to review Demonetization of Big Currency Notes

Except BJP and its ally TDP, all political parties have demanded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi to re-review demonetization of Rs 1000 and Rs 500 currency notes keeping the common man’s woes in view.

Participating in a round table discussion on ‘Demonetization and its Effect on Society’ held here on Tuesday by Telangana Journalist Forum, TPCC Chief N Utttam Kumar Reddy questioned the BJP to tell whether the common man facing troubles or not with the demonetization of big notes? Modi has to tell as to why he failed to bring back the black money from foreign countries? As to why Modi, who said that the black money will be controlled with the demonetisation of big notes, introduced new Rs.2000 notes?. He alleged that the common man facing severe troubles with the demonetisation of big notes. Small and medium size farmers were facing lot of troubles with the demonetisation, he said and asked the politicians to take pledge against the corruption. He demanded the Centre to take back its decision and alleged that banking irregularities were also reason for the black money flow. He alleged that the Centre failed to take prior steps to avoid the problems of the common.

Expressing his view, BJP state president Dr K Laxman alleged that the black money was not coming back due the laws made by the Congress party. It was fact that the Congress party failed to concentrate on black money holders. He said that the poor will be benefited with the control of black money. It was not proper to see the small problems as big ones. It was not correct to misguide the people. The black money problem raised in the 70 year Congress rule. The Prime Minister Modi stepping ahead to control the black money problem, he alleged.

Welcoming the Centre’s decision, TTDP working president A Revanth Reddy opined that it seems the Centre failed to concentrate on the problems of common man. He said that from five to 10 percent politicians were corrupt one among the politicians. 90 percent of the politicians had no black money, he said. “The problem is with 10 percent corrupt politicians and they have black money”, he said. He demanded the centre to set up counters in every village for the exchange of big notes. He asked the centre to distribute the black money collected from the big wigs.

TRS MLC P Sudhakar Reddy questioned the Centre to tell as to how it will bring black money back, as to how it will solve the problems of the common man and how the centre will justify its decision without taking prior steps.

CPM senior leader J Ranga Reddy alleged that the black money crossed the borders of the nation much before the decision of the Modi. He demanded the Prime Minister to make black money holders list public. He alleged that the leaders, who didn’t pay bank loans properly, were working as Union Ministers. He alleged that the Centre left the big businessmen and were troubling common man. The cancellation of big notes impacted on Telangana state severely. The Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao was not sleeping with the Modi’s decision. He said that the government has to pay the salaries of the employees without taking the salaries by the public representatives.

Telangana Praja front president Vimalakka described cencellation of big notes as a political game. Whether the centre collected the black money with the decision? , she asked and said that no black money holder was coming on to the roads and common man was in queues. She asked as to how Mukhesh Ambani invested Rs 15lakh crore in Jio. (NSS)