Parking mafia in BJP-ruled MCDs overcharging vehicle owners, says AAP

New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Tuesday alleged that “parking mafia” in BJP controlled MCDs are over-charging vehicle owners in the city.

The party alleged that the parking mafia charges much more than what is prescribed under the guidelines. For instance, the party claimed, for the first ten hours, two wheelers are being charged Rs 7 instead of Rs 5 and four wheelers Rs 20 instead of Rs 10.

Nitin Tyagi, AAP’s Laxmi Nagar MLA said that several roads in Delhi are being occupied by the parking mafia, and “the BJP and the Congress controlling the MCD are also involved in the loot.”

“The parking mafia have exceeded the limit of the area allocated to them to mint more money from people,” he said.

Tyagi said the parking mafia charges Rs 2500 to Rs 3000 per month as monthly fees when the charges for the same is Rs 500-1000.

AAP spokesperson Richa Pandey Mishra said at a time when the CAG has slammed the functioning of the MCDs for alleged irregularities, the civic body is forcibly charging more money from people.