Paris attacker visited Britain to meet terror suspects

London: One of the terrorists behind the deadly November 13 Paris attacks visited two British cities earlier this year, counter-terrorism officials announced.

According to the officials, he managed to enter Britain, travelling to London and Birmingham, before slipping away again to continental Europe, despite a heightened terrorism alert, The Guardian reported on Saturday.

In both cities he met people suspected of having the intention and capability of plotting or assisting terrorist activity against Britain.

Months later he was part of the series of attacks in Paris that killed 130 people and plunged France into its biggest national security crisis since the second world war.

However, it is not known how he got into Britain. The British-based suspects he visited are under investigation by MI5 and police counter-terrorism units.

Of the 11 Paris attackers, nine are dead and two are on the run. Most of the 130 victims died at the Bataclan concert hall, others in attacks on bars and restaurants, with attacks also staged by suicide bombers outside the Stade de France during a football match between France and Germany.

In Britain, the threat level remains severe, meaning officials believe an attack is highly likely.