Paris attack mourners tagged as ‘bloody fools’ by ‘Jihadi Jack’ on Facebook

London: Facebook messages posted by Jack Letts’ a 20-year-old Briton dubbed ‘Jihadi Jack’ appear to mock people who mourned the Paris terror attacks as ‘bloody fools’.

Messages posted from Jack Letts’account revealed that his friends in the Middle East have killed soldiers, references to beheading was also cited, reports The Independent.

Letts had used recent Facebook posts to deny being an ISIS fighter and claimed that other ‘extreme’ people had used his account to post inflammatory messages.

It is not clear whether the disturbing views expressed in a new cache of Facebook were written by Letts himself or by others with access to his account.

Jack’s family reiterated that he went to the Middle East country to help refugees.

But the former Oxfordshire schoolboy remains under investigation by counter terror police amid fears that he has become the first white British man to go there to fight for ISIS. (ANI)