Parineeti Chopra appeals to society to stop using plastic

New Delhi: Actress Parineeti Chopra urged people to eliminate the use of plastic from their daily routine.

At the final edition of Behtar India campaign here on Thursday, Parineeti, who is the brand ambassador of the initiative, spoke about the severe effects of plastic.

She said: “I am an ocean lover and scuba diver. I spend a lot of time underwater and I cannot explain to you the kind of visible changes that can be seen in oceans because of plastic.

“We take one plastic bottle and throw it away and we don’t think about it and then that garbage goes somewhere… Unfortunately, it’s filling up our oceans. I come from Mumbai. We face floods every year because sanitation system gets severely affected by the plastic blockage.”

According to the “Namaste England” actress, a biodegradable alternative should be created for plastic.

And she also believes that bringing little changes can create a big difference.

“…boond boond se Sagar Banta hai (each drop makes an ocean). Everyone should put some efforts to make our Earth a better place to live in. Each voice is important.

“I try my best to make sure I don’t use anything which is harmful to the environment. Even if I see anyone in public place throwing garbage here and there, I sold them,” added Parineeti.

The campaign supports the community to step forward and help itself in achieving better health, hygiene and environment standards.