Parijat launches three new products in India during this Kharif season

New Delhi: Agrochemical firm Parijat Industries has launched three new products Aadat, Tegata & Rakha in India this Kharif season for control of different insects, pests and diseases and to improve farmers’ yield.

Aadat is a unique combination of an insecticide and a fungicide and is focused for use in paddy cultivation. It is useful for the management of Insect and Disease inoculum in Paddy Nursery like Blast and Stem Borer. A Phytotonic effect in the composition provides a healthy nursery and increase higher yields. Aadat controls insects through contact as well as systemic mode of action. It offers an assured control with the two most proven molecule. The product has been launched as a vaccination program for Rice saplings in nursery before transplantation that offer preventive benefits for the crop through its adult life.

With this launch Parijat claims to be the second company in the market to offer such unique combination. Parijat provides comprehensive solutions that effectively controls major paddy pests, while meeting consumers’ expectations for healthy, high quality food.

Parijat’s Tegata is again an insecticide. This product gives complete protection against Stem Fly, Girdle Beetle, Semilooper etc in Soybean. Furthermore, it is registered for use in Cotton, Maize, Groundnut and Chili against different pests such as Jassids, Aphids, Thrips, Bollworms, Fruit Borer, Shootfly, etc. Parijat follows the strategy of conducting extensive trials of its products across different crops to ensure that it may be safely used by the farmer. This is an effort to correct the practice in the industry of using crop protection chemicals on products where its use has not been officially sanctioned by the regulatory authority. Tegata will play a big roll to help vegetable farmers due to in Chilli 3 day’s PHI & Tomato 5 days PHI with better results.

The third product Rakha is another prime herbicide that is useful to control narrow leaf weeds in Soybean, Cotton, Groundnut, Blackgram and Onion. It will help farmers to control different weeds and thus increase the productivity of the field. Rakha completes Parijat’s comprehensive weed management portfolio in Soybean and already strong with its Shapat and Imaze Super molecules.

Various product launch events has been successfully organized in different states and attended by close to 700 channel partners and more than 110 distributors. Parijat announced several new schemes for channel Partners and distributors and a certification program Parijat Ratna, where the best performing dealers and channel partners from each region were recognized for their outstanding performance.

Parijat’s recognized commitment to Farmers Safety as a primary priority. A further thrust has been implemented for stewardship through training and safety information on safe use of Pesticides for Farmers in 9 Indian languages. Safety booklets are being distributed free pan India to farmers in State languages. Parijat remains intensely committed to sage and correct use of Pesticide. (ANI)