Parents thank KCR for providing best education to poor children

Parents thank KCR for providing best education to poor children

Bujjamma, mother of Devendar Kumar, who attended the impact meeting held at TSWR School at Sheikpet said, “Honestly, I couldn’t have provided as many facilities that the government was offering to the children studying in the government welfare residential schools. Thanks to Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao for his vision for the educational progress of the deprived children got.”

Another parent Parvathi said, “My son is getting the best quality education on par with the corporate schools. All this is for free of cost. Thanks to the Impact programs I am feeling much more empowered now and we are not inferior to anyone”.

Parents appreciated the selfless efforts of the Secretary Dr RS Praveen Kumar and his passion to bring about a qualitative change in the lives of the needy children.

Speaking to media persons here on Saturday, Dr RS Praveen Kumar said, “parents need to make sacrifices to provide the best possible education for their children, particularly girls. The girl children have dreams, let us extend an helping hand to the girls to blossom”. He also said the parents must put an end to the evil practice of early child marriages and put them on the path of higher education.


The Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions (TSWREIS) wore a festive look on Saturday as thousands of parents attended the impact meetings held across Telangana State. The TSWREIS conducts the impact meetings twice a year to create awareness among the rural parents on art of parenting, role of education, evils of child marriages and the need to send children to schools in time”.

The Secretary thanked Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao, Minister for Scheduled Caste Development G. Jagadish Reddy, inister for Tribal Welfare A. Chandulal and Ajay Mishra, Special Chief Secretary, Scheduled Caste Development Department for their support. (NSS)