Hyderabad: Parents resort to novel drive to stop “fee-loot” by private schools

Hyderabad: As new academic year is round the corner parents have decided to hit the streets once again. Sick of waging a relentless war against private schools “fleecing” parents in the name of admission and tuition fees, parents of schoolchildren, under the auspices of Hyderabad Schools Parents Association (HSPA), will begin initiatives like pasting of stickers on cars, sending post cards to chief minister and holding a car rally in the coming days.

Although the parents association is enjoying wide support from the parents however it is disheartened by government’s apathy towards the issue.

HSPA plans to paste stickers on nearly 1,000 four-wheelers, carrying appeals to the chief minister to regulate school fees and stop the private schools from fleecing the parents in the name of school fee and tuition fee. It will also distribute 5,000 blank post cards with the chief minister’s Pragathi Bhavan address printed on it. The public will be asked to write their concerns about private schools and drop those cards in local post boxes. It also plans to hold a car rally on Necklace Road on February 11 to kick start the drive.