Drug racket: Parents panic over Hyderabad schools, colleges listed in fake WhatsApp message

Hyderabad: Yesterday the Excise Department arrested 8 drug dealers supplying drugs in Hyderabad. Following which the advisory has sent letters to the institution’s to check with school authorities about the same and has also cautioned parents in private protecting the child’s identity, but rumours are circulating on social media platform WhatsApp that a list has been issued by the Crime branch which consists of names of about 19 schools and 14 colleges.

Now the parents of children studying in these schools have started to panic and are now asking the school authorities of the same.

Mr Akun Sabharwal, director of enforcement of the Excise and Prohibition Department, said gave a statement that the list circulated is unverified and that it is a fake asking people to stop circulating the same.

The school authorities have also been requesting parents to stay calm as the list is unverified.

Johnson Grammar School who was among the unverified list, have sent a message to parents saying, “The school takes utmost care when it comes to the safety of students. It holds a reputation of 40 years. There have been claims of students being involved in a drug racket. This is to state that there have been no signs of any such instances in our school.”

However, the health and safety committee is planning to address these issues with students, staff and bus drivers. The have requested them to ensure children do not use smartphones and the schools should do a background check of the drivers before hiring and also monitor their actions the committee added, sources reported.