Parents: Mumbai cult used Facebook for ‘a drugs and sex racket’

Mumbai: Bombay High court has received a case of “drugs and sex racket.” The case was filed by the parents of the girls, who got involved in the racket, as reported by Hindustan Times.

The parents have accused Sunil Kulkarni of carrying the racket and entangling their daughters in his vicious scheme. They have claimed that the youngsters had to leave their phone numbers on his Facebook page, named as Shifu Sunkriti to be a part of the “cult”.

His Facebook page contained explicit images and profane content. The 55-year-old would call the girls after getting their numbers to get them hypnotised by drugs. Along with his group, he would attract girls in the age group of 18-25, parents plead to the HC.

Their plea also states that Kulkarni pretended to be a doctor and psychiatrist who would get the girls drugged in order to have sex with them.

The girls’ behaviour got drastically changed after getting involved in the cult. They wanted to commit suicide. Some of them were even ready to register the complaints against their own parents, as they were stopping them from being a part of his cult, stated the parents.

The Police argued that no girl was a minor and joined the group willingly. However, HC said that the girls were under the influence of drugs and such a consent is invalid.