Parents defend Nooriya Haveliwala in drunk driving case

Mumbai, Jan 31 (PTI) Rubbishing police’s claim that Nooriya Haveliwala, currently in police custody for alleged drunken driving and killing two persons, had drunk over 450 ml alcohol, her father today said something was wrong with breath analyser machine.

“Any person who consumes over 430 ml alcohol can either be completely unconscious or semi-unconscious. In fact they can’t even walk. But my daughter, wearing high heels, was walking straight. Something is wrong with the machine as the amount of alcohol content it indicated was not correct,” Yousuf Haveliwala, who also claims to be a physician, said.

Nooriya’s mother K Haveliwala said her daughter might have consumed alcohol but not heavily.

Claiming that her daughter was innocent, Yousuf said, “She never had any kind of criminal problem. She hardly drinks alcohol. She consumes beer, and that too once a while”.