Pappu Yadav’s wife complaints against Air Vistara for ‘misbehaviour’

New Delhi [India], May 12 (ANI): Congress MP from Bihar Ranjeet Ranjan, wife of MP Pappu Yadav on Friday accused an Air Vistara staff member of behaving rudely with her and forced her to change her seat.

Ranjan said that she was forced to sit in a different seat by the Air Vistara airhostess who told her that she had the authority to shift her.

“Let me start with that I never request for any special seat, I take whatever seat I get. That day when I went to board the plane there was already somebody else sitting on my seat, before I could request the person sitting to move, the airhostess came and told me to sit a different seat,” said Ranjan.

“When I questioned her about the change she very rudely replied that it is under her purview to change seats. Her behaviour was inappropriate and unjustified. However, the airline tendered an apology, the girl remained unapologetic,” she added.

The MP shifted to another seat but later complained to the Lok Sabha speaker and ministry of civil aviation about the air hostess’ ‘rude’ behaviour.

Post the Ravindra Gaikwad incident where the Shiv Sena MP assaulted Air India staffer, the Civil Aviation Ministry announced a new set of guidelines for dealing with unruly passengers on flights.

The government announced draft rules for a national ‘no-fly list’ which proposes a ban on domestic air travel that can last for a period ranging from three months, to two years or beyond.

There are three types of unruly behaviour which will bring a person under the ‘no fly’ list’:

Level 1- Disruptive behaviour such as physical gestures for which a passenger will be handed out a suspension of three months

Level 2- Physically abusive behaviour and sexual harassment for which suspension from flying will be for six months

Level 3 – Murderous assault or life-threatening behaviour, damage to aircraft operating systems for which suspension will be for 2 years or more. (ANI)