“Our papa had not done anything wrong. Why was he killed?” asks daughter Zohra

“A true policeman who sacrificed his life in the line of the duty”

Srinagar: Distressing pictures of a seven-year-old girl grieving over the loss of her father in the line of duty in Kashmir are circulating all over on social media.

The pictures speak about tragedy, pain and trauma the residents and the families in Kashmir go through on losing their family member’s, mostly the bread earners.

Nearly 55 security personnel have been killed over the last eight months while fighting terrorists in Kashmir. Unfortunately one among them was this seven-year-old Zohra’s father Abdul Rashid Peer.

Abdul Rashid Peer was shot dead in a busy market in Anantnag district while he was on his routine round on Monday.

Last weekend around eight security personnel were killed in Pulwama district of Kashmir.

“Our papa had not done anything wrong. Why was he killed? … But I am proud that he attained martyrdom. I want the perpetrator behind his killing should be punished,” said Zohra’s elder sister crying sitting near her father’s dead body in the wreath laying ceremony. A ceremony to let colleagues and government officials pay their last respects. During their visit, they saw this little young girl in tears.

Calling Zohra’s father “a true policeman who sacrificed his life in the line of the duty,” a top Police official in South Kashmir in his Facebook post said “Your tears have shaken many hearts…. Every drop of your tear sears our heart,”

“You are too young to understand as to why this happened,” said SP Pani, Deputy Inspector General of Police, South Kashmir.

Adding that many police families had “suffered and undergone irreparable trauma defending the common good of the society”.

Mohammad Yasin Teli, 32, Central Reserve Police Force was also among the eight that were recently killed over the weekend.

His sister Haneifa said, “We are proud of his sacrifice for the country”.

“We are four sisters and our father and mother are ill. We have no other support,” she said worried about their family now.

“I can only say that one more person from Jammu and Kashmir has been killed,” said SP Vaid.