‘Papa, I can’t see!’: Heart-wrenching moment of Syrian boy blinded by Assad bomb

Damascus: A heartbreaking video footage of a young Syrian child heard screaming frantically when he woke up from an operation discovering that he has gone blind has taken internet by storm.

In the viral video footage, Abdul Moeen Al-Hassan, not more than 10 years of age is seen screams in terror after waking up for the first time following surgery and realising he is blind.

Traumatised at losing his sight, Abdul Moeen, with his eyes and hands heavily bandaged, kicks and screams, “Papa, my eyes! I can’t see!” as his father tried desperately to comfort the distraught son.


According to media reports, Moeen was playing on the first day of Ramadan when he was caught in a landmine explosion near his home in Syria. He was brought to the hospital in Turkey for treatment.

Subsequent video shows the child regained his sight and is doing better after receiving treatment in Turkey’s Gaziantep.

The heart-melting video like this has been shared more than one million times are much-needed reminder of the atrocities that are happening on the other side of the world. And Abdul Moeen is one of the roughly 5.3 million children who are victims of never-ending war that began in Syria seven-year ago.