Panelist’s ‘Namard’ attack left Arnab stunned, video goes viral

NEW DELHI: Republic TV’s Arnab Goswami was left stunned after a panellist from CPI-M called him impotent. This was after a debate conducted by Goswami on a statement by B Narayan Rao, a Congress leader in Karnataka, calling Modi a Namard.

Rao, an MLA from Basavakalyan in Bidar district made the remark while speaking in a public gathering last month.

“Those who are Namard can get married but can’t have children, PM Modi can get married but can’t have children. This is not a PM who works, but a PM who lies,” he was quoted Republic as saying.

Goswami, who founded Republic TV with the help of BJP-led National Democratic Alliance’s Rajya Sabha MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar started his show by asking CPI-M leader Fuad Halim to explain what ‘Namard’ meant.

Much to his discomfort and shock, Dr Halim, said, “Namard the word can be exemplified by Arnab Goswami and your character. You are a Namard. You are the person, who actually signifies what Namard means” He didn’t stop here. “You don’t have to search for any other reason or any other explanation when you have Arnab Goswami in front of you. Because that is what the meaning of Namard is. A person who doesn’t have the capacity to fulfil his journalistic responsibility. And that’s what you are. You are fundamentally a Namard Arnab Goswami,” Halim added.

An upset Goswami replied, “Fuad, are you feeling alright? You need some medical help?” Halim replied, “Your skin is so thick Arnab Goswami that farmers, who are committing suicide, don’t matter to you.”

Goswami, who was not expecting the remark appeared visibly rattled, said, “Today he (Halim) has got a nice kick from the Congress, so he doesn’t know what to do, so he’s practiced this all day on what he’s going to say on my show,” reported Janta Ka Reporter