Panasonic partners Kyoto University for innovation in living spaces

Osaka: The Panasonic Corporation today announced it has agreed with the Graduate School of Engineering of Kyoto University to form a partnership for the creation of innovation in living spaces and consumer electronics.

With the environment surrounding design undergoing a drastic change, the scope of design is expanding from simply optimizing the appearance of products to finding answers to social problems through services and solutions.

Panasonic itself has shifted away from the designs of individual products toward the creation of lifestyles people desire through the design of new experiences for the entire space of a house, and even beyond to involve communities and society.

Kyoto University, with which the Design Center of Panasonic’s Appliances Company will build a collaborative relationship, is currently working to solve social problems by establishing the study of design, in cooperation with industry and government.

The effort is led by the Graduate School of Informatics, the Graduate School of Engineering, the Graduate School of Education, and the Graduate School of Management, with the aim of training people able to design comprehensive solutions for the development of society.

Panasonic intends to accelerate innovation to enrich people’s lives with design as the starting point, combining its own accumulated perspectives and knowledge with the achievements made by Kyoto University so far.

The main activities that Panasonic will promote in partnership with Kyoto University are as follows.

1. Building personal networks with experts In order to realize open discussions, expert interviews and seminars will be held with the faculty of Kyoto University involved with the study of design from a wide range of fields. Kyoto University seeks to explore issues for systematic collaboration with industry through the fusion of different fields in the future.

2. Acquiring insights for design development New ideas will be generated based on awareness and guidance through workshops with the faculty of Kyoto University to explore new potentials for the development of consumer electronics.

Panasonic opened a consumer electronics design site in Kyoto this month. Taking advantage of its location in this city brimming with diverse ideas, the company will strengthen collaboration with external partners in pursuit of even more customer value. (ANI)